“We first met Dr. Contreras at the Honey & Wine Festival in downtown Livermore where he was doing a spinal screening. We had never been to a chiropractor before, so we stopped to hear what he had to say. He explained that the headaches I was having might be caused by a subluxation in my spine. I had been suffering from headaches almost daily for the past few years, and my wife had been suffering from fatigue. I tried over the counter painkillers, but nothing seemed to help for more than a day. Dr. Contreras explained to us that over the counter painkillers only cover up the pain for a short while, they don’t get to the root of the problem. Our family started care with Dr. Contreras about six months ago and our lives have been changed forever. Because of our results with Dr. Contreras now even our son goes to see Dr. Contreras for adjustments and check ups.
Dr. Contreras the doctor that changed my life.”

– The Melchiors


“I had been suffering with chronic neck and back pain along with debilitating migraine headaches for 16 years. My migraines were horrible and they consumed my life’s activities. These migraines would often last for 2-3 weeks, which made living a normal life impossible. They would make me dizzy and sick to my stomach. I would have to miss work for weeks at a time. I couldn’t drive and I had to constantly depend on others. I didn’t have insurance that covered chiropractic care, so I just didn’t think it could be an option. I decided to tried physical therapy treatment first. The treatment helped at the time I was getting it, but a month or so after stopping, I would start to get worse all over again. My doctor just gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers. I just decided to accept that I would always have to deal with the pain.
I met Dr.C at the Harvest and Wine Festival and that’s when I decided to give Chiropractic a try. Since I started corrective chiropractic care, my life and health has changed dramatically. I am still working on getting my back pain free, but I have a much greater range of motion in my neck. I’m much happier and can enjoy life now that I don’t feel sick all the time. I also don’t have to depend on others to get me around.
You don’t have to accept the pain. Everyone at the office is great. They are friendly and a caring group.”

– Gloria Fulford


“I have been suffering for the past 18 years with severe lower back pain and sciatic leg pain. I also have degeneration and decay of the bones in the lower back. This degeneration has also caused other painful problems for the last 2 to 3 years. I had difficulty getting up from sitting and I had developed a limp. The pain I had would often wake me up at night when I tried to roll over in my sleep. It became difficult to stand and walk if I sat for a long period of time. Traveling in the car became difficult as well as many other necessary activities. When we were in a group of people, I felt embarrassed to have to consistently stand up and move around, so it began to affect my social activities as well. Even at home, I would always have to be very careful. I just couldn’t live a normal life.

I had tried many different treatments in the past, but with no lasting results. I had been treated many times by Allopathic medications. The results were positive but always temporary. Homeopathic medication offered similar results. Physiotherapy gave me a little relief as well as yoga but the problem was still not solved and eventually increased.

This has been my first experience with chiropractic care and I have made great progress towards healing. I started sleeping soundly and I feel more energetic. My walking rate has increased and my neck pain is getting better. My lower back pain, which I have had for almost two decades, is showing improvement and this improvement makes me feel positive about my chiropractic care. My husband and I have started taking more care of our bodies and the activities we do. Every 12 visits my scans are showing improvement. I am starting to do more normal activities and I feel as if I am starting to regain my life back. I used to go out with my husband only on the weekends, but now we are going out on the weekdays also which is very, very good.

The office is welcoming and beautiful. It is well decorated with pictures and tales about chiropractic care to encourage patients’ soul and mind to go ahead with treatment. I especially like the small corner in the office with the colorful table for the children. The staff is very nice and warm.”

– Ameeta K.


“I met Dr. Contreras through my mom. She had been coming to get adjusted here. We met him at the Honey and Wine Festival. I started chiropractic care when I was 9 or 10. I had been wetting my bed every night, sometimes up to three times in the same night. I also was having headaches and a bloody nose every afternoon after school. At its worst I felt embarrassed. I could not spend the night at my friends’ house because I was afraid they would find out. That was the main reason my mom decided I should start to see Dr. Contreras. We came in to see Dr. C together. Within a couple of weeks my headaches got much better. AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTHS, THE WETTING THE BED IMPROVED. What a RELIEF!! On top of that, my asthma went into remission and my mom said that I stopped snoring at night. I FELT MUCH HAPPIER. I felt like I got my life back. I could go to my friends’ houses for sleepovers. I wasn’t afraid to go spend the night at my grandmother’s house either. My mom says her favorite part is seeing how much MY SELF ESTEEM HAS IMPROVED, that and she doesn’t have to do as much laundry. I really like coming in to get adjusted. I feel more relaxed after my appointment. I FEEL GOOD, and I can move more. Dr. C is so funny. I LIKE COMING HERE EVERY WEEK!!”

– Anonymous 12-year old


“I got into a car accident and my doctor recommended that I get chiropractic care. I found Dr. Contreras through the Yellow Pages. I told him I was having neck pain and low back pain from the car accident. I had also been having migraine headaches, once a month for about a week at a time. Although that wasn’t from the car accident, Dr. Contreras said chiropractic adjustments would help with them. Not only did the adjustments help with my back and neck pain, but after one month of chiropractic care I became pregnant. I’D NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD GET PREGNANT AGAIN, because I had suffered two previous miscarriages. Dr. Contreras told me that most likely what had happened was that the nerve signal had been blocked and prevented my brain from communicating to other parts of my body, allowing the babies to grow. I’M NOW 5 MONTHS PREGNANT WITH MY FIRST CHILD, and I come every week to maintain my Wellness Adjustment Plan. I know that it is keeping myself and my baby healthy. I really feel that God sent me to Dr. Contreras. It was a sign. I got into the accident because God wanted me to come here. I thank God and Dr. Contreras for everything!!”

– Betty S.


“Dr. Contreras has brought life back to our family…Our 3 year old went into Respiratory Distress when he was 2 years old. He had Asthma and every time he caught a cold, we were on edge. This particular time put him into the Hospital for several days. Seeing your child hooked up to oxygen, a heart monitor, IV’s in his arms and legs and watching his oxygen counter was completely heart wrenching. Dr. Contreras started treating Daniel (at the time he was 2 years old) and he started getting better and better. Then a cold or two came and went; no asthmatic problems. Now it has been 18 months and we have been free from the Air Spacers, medicines and his Nebulizer. We also have another son, James. He was having horrible growing pains in his hips, and after countless x-rays we didn’t know if anything was going to help. Dr. Contreras took away the pain. James was suffering from extreme growing pains at age 4. He grew approximately 4 inches within a few short months and was in so much pain that he limped and sometimes refused to walk. After 2 spinal adjustments 3 times a week, James was playing again and having fun. My husband, myself and our two boys are now on a maintenance program with Dr. Contreras because we know how important it is to have complete health.”

Thank you again Dr. C!
– The Pryor Family


“I have gone to a chiropractor off and on over the years to help me deal with pain from a serious back injury that occurred in High School. Even before the accident, I had always thought my body seemed twisted. My shoulders were uneven and my neck was way out of alignment-probably as a result of having grown so rapidly between junior high and high school.
Although I have had a lot of helpful chiropractic care, I never stuck with it consistently. I would wait to see someone only when something flared up, such as a migraine-like-feeling headache or a back spasm. I might go a couple of times to feel relief, but then I would not go for another three or four months until I felt terrible again. I kept up this cycle of “pain management” for almost 25 years. I also tried numerous pain medications, spa massages, and physical therapy with no permanent results. I always seemed to have a constant ache in my upper and lower back, hips and neck.
My husband met Dr. Contreras at the Livermore Farmers’ Market last summer and suggested that I see him to help me deal with my latest back spasm that occurred one day after playing tennis for only ten minutes. This latest injury happened a year ago May and four months later I still felt miserable. I was delighted to discover that his office was conveniently located one mile from my house and that I would not have to drive to Berkeley anymore.

I am even more delighted now to see in myself real structural changes within six months of continuous care. My hips and shoulders are straight and now my have headaches are less nauseating. I am still working on my neck, but I hope that this will continue to improve as I progress through my wellness phase.

The greatest benefit I have experienced since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Contreras is the reduction in my injury recovery time. I am an active gal who loves sports, but I am also somewhat of a klutz. Injuries are just a part of my nature. In the past, a little accident would sideline me for months. Now, if something happens, I am in Dr. Contreras’ office immediately and he gets me back to functioning in a fraction of the time. My overall general health is great too. Since beginning consistent chiropractic care I have not gotten the flu or even had a cold, very unusual for me since I did not get a flu shot this year either.
What I appreciate most about my experience with Dr. Contreras and his office staff is their friendliness, professionalism, attention to detail, and the education that they constantly provide. I always know that I am in good, safe hands.”

– Caryl M.


“I’m surprised to find myself writing this for two reasons. In my OTHER life, I didn’t believe that any benefit could come from Chiropractic care. And secondly, even now, I’m not so fond of testimonials. But here I am in my NEW life doing new things.

Dr. Contreras is a nice guy. Our boys went to preschool together and play in the same soccer league. It was the first time I’d seen a Chiropractor up close and he wasn’t a quack. He’s a believer and I’m thankful for his persistence, of I never would have chosen Chiropractic care as a road to health.

Starting at the top:

1. My head hung forward. My mom said it looked like I was growing a hump.
2. For three years or so I have had a knot in the muscles between my scapulas. That didn’t alarm me however until recently when I started to loose feeling in the skin.
3. In a car accident in 1984 I broke a few ribs and my pelvis. Then at 7 months pregnant I fell down some stairs and that old pelvic injury became so much more.

We all have issues – don’t we? And little by little stretched over time you settle for what you’ve got. However, now I know that I can be more than just okay. I can really be HEALTHY!

The X-rays are what did it for me – my history written in my spine. Now my postural issues that I was trying to repair through exercise are being truly corrected. I have all the feeling back in my skin – no more numbness – and the knot, while not yet gone, has been changing a lot. Perhaps the most noticeable impact is in my pelvic and hip area. Physical therapy and exercise helped me to be able to walk without a cane, but it took a continual commitment to exercise to MANAGE the pain. Now, after a few months of Chiropractic treatment, I am pain FREE. However, I still believe that a commitment to exercise is vital to my good health.

In this world we have access to so many resources! Taking the initiative to be informed and then making the choices between all the options can be a challenge. However, every good choice helps to empower me to make more. I’m happy to have chosen Chiropractic care.


– Paula 


“In college, my roommate, Stephanie, talked me into running a marathon. We trained for 5 months and had a blast. We went down to San Diego, for the Rock’n’Roll Marathon on my 21st birthday. The race was going well and we were having so much fun, when I lost my footing on a down hill slope, wrenching my knee on the 18th mile. I was determined to finish and I did, but I was in horrible agony. I remember crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles crying in pain. It took about 1 1/2 years for my knee to recover from the strained ligament.

I began training very slowly, but right from the start, I noticed I was having much more trouble than I had anticipated. I was consistently out of breath no matter how slow I ran and my knees were killing me. I had to ice them all morning and take Advil all day. No matter how hard I tried or how far I ran, I never felt like I was making any progress.

I was not having any serious back pain, so I was not really sure what to expect. The scan showed that I had several areas in my lower back that were subluxated. I must admit, I didn’t feel must change at first. About three weeks into my corrective care, I began to notice changes while I was running. I felt like my lungs were opening up and I could finally catch my breath and enjoy the runs.

The greatest benefit that I have received from my corrective care came about 2 months after I started. It was unexpected and the best thing that could have happened for my training. One Friday morning, when I was driving to work after a 15 mile run, it hit me! I hadn’t iced my knees. In fact I hadn’t needed to ice my knees all week. Dr. C explained that the pain in my knees was not only caused by the bowed legs. My pelvis was rotated incorrectly. By realigning my spine and pelvis, it relieved a majority of the pain I was having, making my runs even more fun and enjoyable.

When you are training and all you can think about is how much pain you are in, it makes it pretty tough to get up at 5:00 am and run 10 miles every morning. I honestly don’t think I would have made it through the training if I haven’t started getting adjusted. But I did, and I did make it through the training and I finished the race with a new personal best: 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 12 minutes!!!”


“For 15 years I have been suffering from neck and upper back pain with numbness and tingling in my right hand, due to an old car accident injury. While visiting my local Farmer’s Market one night, I met Dr. Contreras. Dr. Contreras invited me to his office for a FREE consultation. I was hesitant at first because I was not a “fan” of chiropractic.
My pain kept getting worse and worse so I went in to see Dr. Contreras. After only three weeks of Dr. Contreras adjusting my spine, I was PAIN FREE for the first time in fifteen years! My care plan is now twice a week and it keeps me feeling healthy and pain free.
I would like to take this time to thank Dr. Contreras for his dedication to his work and what he believes in, and for sharing his knowledge with people who are in constant pain.


– Cynthia F.


“For 1-2 years I had been experiencing neck and shoulder problems. When I went walking for exercise, I would walk with my face down. At work my shoulder cramped up. When I coached baseball I could barely throw the ball. The pain even affected my golf game. It was preventing me from fully participating in the activities that were important to me in life. In the past I’d had chiropractic care, but only one or two adjustments, which helped, but only for a short time. The pain always returned, and at the time I did not realize that my neck and shoulder were slowly getting worse. I met Dr. Contreras at the Farmer’s Market in Livermore. Since beginning regular chiropractic treatment, I’ve noticed that I sit up straighter, I walk with my head up, and my shoulder does not cramp up anymore. Besides my obvious health progress, I’VE REALLY BEGUN TO UNDERSTAND THE BENEFITS OF REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE and how it affects not just your entire body but also your life. I’VE SHARED MY EXPERIENCE WITH MY CHILDREN AND NOW WE ALL COME TO SEE DR.C. I feel much healthier now that I am actively committed to a Chiropractic Wellness Program for myself and my family.”

– Mike M.