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The Significance of Spinal Screenings

Discover the importance of spinal screenings in maintaining and improving your health. Learn how Dr. Gerardo Contreras utilizes these assessments to detect potential issues early, prevent the development of chronic conditions, and optimize spinal health.

About Dr. Gerardo Contreras

Meet Dr. Gerardo Contreras, a dedicated chiropractor in Livermore, CA, who emphasizes the value of preventive care. With extensive experience in spinal health, Dr. Contreras is committed to using spinal screenings as a foundational tool for creating personalized treatment plans.

Benefits of Spinal Screenings

Explore the benefits of undergoing spinal screenings, including improved posture, enhanced mobility, reduced pain, and increased overall well-being. Understand how Dr. Contreras’s approach to early detection can lead to more effective treatments and long-term health improvements.

Why Choose Contreras Chiropractic?

Learn why patients trust Contreras Chiropractic for their spinal health needs. Our state-of-the-art screening technology, combined with Dr. Contreras’s expertise, ensures a thorough and accurate assessment, providing the foundation for a healthier life.

Q&A with Dr. Contreras

Q: What does a spinal screening involve?
A: A spinal screening with Dr. Contreras involves a non-invasive examination of your spine’s alignment, posture, and function to identify any abnormalities or areas of concern.

Q: Who should have a spinal screening?
A: Everyone can benefit from a spinal screening, from children to adults, especially those experiencing back pain, posture issues, or those who want to maintain optimal spinal health.

Q: How often should I get a spinal screening?
A: The frequency depends on your individual health status and goals. Dr. Contreras can recommend a schedule based on your specific needs.

Q: Can spinal screenings help prevent back pain?
A: Yes, by identifying and addressing issues early, spinal screenings can play a crucial role in preventing the onset or worsening of back pain.

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